Integration Workshop 2013


Each year in August, the department holds a workshop to integrate incoming graduate students into the program. This year the workshop will be August 9-13, 2013. The goals are to:

  • prepare students for core classes by getting them to think about undergrad material from a graduate point of view;
  • establish an esprit de corps among the students;
  • acquaint students with a few faculty and senior grad students.



  • Incoming students
    • Rachel Baumann
    • Amy Been
    • Brian Bennett
    • Yan Dai
    • Matthew Fox
    • Alec Jones
    • Angela Kraft
    • James La Vigne
    • Jason Quinones
    • Doron Shahar
  • Senior graduate student
    • Danny Maienschein
    • Megan McCormick
    • Dylan Murphy
    • Priya Prasad
    • Liang Wu
  • Faculty
    • Bryden Cais
    • David Glickenstein
    • Tom Kennedy

Previous Integration Workshops