Integration Workshop 2014


Each year in August, the department holds a workshop to integrate incoming graduate students into the program. This year the workshop will be August 8-12, 2014. The goals are to:

  • prepare students for core classes by getting them to think about undergrad material from a graduate point of view;
  • establish an esprit de corps among the students;
  • acquaint students with a few faculty and senior grad students.



  • Incoming students
    • Arias Hathaway Turner
    • Luke James
    • Ashley Klahr
    • Austin Nickel
    • Jonathan Ramalheira-Tsu
    • Xiyuan Wang
  • Senior graduate students
    • Dan Rossi
    • Sheng-Chi Shih
    • Joe Thomas
    • Patrick Waters
  • Faculty
    • Bryden Cais
    • Janek Wehr
    • David Glickenstein