Department Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The Math Department p-card is kept in room 117 and is available for business purposes only while the Business Office is open.

Only authorized faculty and staff may use the department's p-card.

To purchase expenses such as airfare, books, professional memberships and other online purchases, it is required that the computer in room 117 is used to process your transaction(s).  Prior to or at time of your purchase, you must provide the expected funding source and business purpose of your transaction.  You are also responsible for printing and providing the documentation that supports your purchase.

Please provide the Business Office with subsequent document support, such as a packing slip if applicable, as this typically confirms receipt of an item.  If an item is to be returned, please notify and bring documentation for the return to the Business Office.  This will allow us to close the transaction and apply the credit appropriately.

Per Section 6.1.2 of the University's P-card Policy, the following expenditures are unallowable:

  • Alcohol
  • Employee social or recreational functions where no business is conducted or business objectives are present (for example, memorial services, Christmas or other holiday related parties, employee social functions).
  • Tips to merchants (i.e. restaurants) exceeding 20% of total bill. Refer to Policy 9.10 Requisitions/Reimbursements
  • Cash awards or gift certificates/gift cards to be used as awards.
  • Taxable awards.

Failure to comply with University P-card policy and guidelines may result in the employee being financially responsible for the amount of the non-compliant purchase, and usage of the department's p-card may be limited in the future.

Useful Links

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