Travel Guidelines

Whether you are traveling domestic or foreign, an essential first step to completing the travel process is to complete the Travel Authorization form.  On this form are further instructions regarding foreign travel, and further instructions and useful links regarding foreign travel can also be found below.  Please complete the Travel Authorization form as soon as you know you are traveling.
NOTE: Your signature is not required on this form unless you are requesting a travel advance, so completed forms may be emailed to us if it would expedite matters for you.  In addition, we keep paper forms in the bin outside rooms 117 and 119 also for your convenience.

International travel requires additional steps for completion and in accordance with University policy and procedure. Please plan further ahead for both your foreign travels and completion of these steps, detailed below.

International Travel Policy and Regulations

The UA Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance applies to official international travel of all UA Employees (Faculty, Staff, and Graduate students) regardless of the funding source.  Official University travel includes, but is not limited to travel for: conferences, research, sabbatical, guest scholarship, partnership collaboration and development.  This policy does not apply to personal travel, unless UA business is involved.

The policy and procedures facilitate: 

  • A centralized-method to locate, contact, and assist UA travelers in emergency situations abroad.

  • Travelers’ awareness and access to information about safety and health considerations while abroad.

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Proactive management of risks minimizing institutional liability.
    In response, several campus units  now collaborate as the UA International Travel Team to comprehensively serve UA international travelers.  The new University International Travel Registry addresses these needs and streamlines the communication and process required to facilitate federally compliant and safe UA travel.

The following steps are required of all travelers in advance of each University international trip, no fewer than 30 days to departure:

  1. Register travel in the University International Travel Registry.
    Registration involves:

    1. Indicating the dates and location(s) of international travel. This includes travel to Canada, but not to Puerto Rico.

    2. Completing and submitting the Travel Description Questionnaire

  2. Complete the Travel Authorization (TA) and submit to FSO Travel.
    Each new TA form generates a new TA number for each trip.  The form is available under Materials on the registry.  Your registration number is available on the Traveler Home page. After registering you will receive emails indicating changes to the registration status.  For most UA international travel these are the only two required steps.  The registration status will indicate if any additional steps are required.

The following types of travel require additional action and take a minimum of 30 days to coordinate:

Travel to a country with a Travel Warning:

  • Complete the Supplemental Travel Authorization, available under the “Materials” section of the Travel Registry.  If traveling with a group, obtain each traveler’s signature.
  • Obtain approval signatures from your direct supervisor (Department Head, Director, or Dean) and/or Faculty Advisor, as applicable.  
  • Click here for further information regarding UA travel to Mexico.
  • Submit the Supplemental and standard TA forms for review by the International Travel Safety Oversight Committee (ITSOC). ITSOC makes recommendations to the health and safety considerations of the travel to the Provost.  Please note, review of travel information received less than 30 days prior to departure cannot be guaranteed.  If less than 30 days remain prior to departure, email travel paperwork directly to the International Risk Analyst.

Travel with Export Control Considerations

The UA Export Control Office will contact you based on your responses to the Questionnaire in the Travel Registry to determine if U.S. government export authorization (license or license exception) is required.  Export licenses takes between two and six months) to prepare and receive authorization. Contact the Export Control Office as soon as possible if an export authorization is likely required or if you have questions or concerns about what you plan to take outside the U.S.

Travel under Federal Contract or to a U.S. military installation abroad

If your response to the Questionnaire in the Travel Registry indicates you are traveling as a federal contractor or to a U.S. military installation, Risk Management Services will contact you for further information necessary to obtain Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance.  Allow at least thirty days to obtain federally mandated DBA insurance.

FINAL STEP: Prior to departure

  1. Check the travel registration status to confirm that travel is approved.
  2. If the status is not approved, determine the remaining required actions.  If you have any questions about your status or the needed actions, contact the International Travel Team.
    We understand this is an adjustment and strive to support travelers and administrative staff with straightforward and effective processes.  We appreciate campus assistance to assure that UA international travel is safe and federally compliant.  Please contact us with questions, feedback, or requests for further information, trainings, or presentations.

UA International Travel Team

Please contact Kay Ellis, Director of Export Control Compliance, with questions about federal export control regulations.

Please contact Laura Provencher, International Risk Analyst with questions about travel to Travel Warning destinations, the review process, or health and safety of international travel.

Please contact Steve Holland, Assistant Vice President for Risk Management Services with questions about insurance.

Please contact Tammy Strom, FSO Assistant Director-Operations with questions about University financial services.

For any other questions about travel, please email the UA International Travel Team listserv.