Account Quotas

Every Department of Mathematics network account as a disk quota which limits the amount of space you can use up. The default quota for new accounts is 1 gigabyte (GB) (approx. 1 million kilobytes (KB)). If you find that 1 GB isn't enough space, please contact the computer staff to request a quota increase.

Please note, if you fill up your account quota, incoming emails will be rejected and, in some instances, you may not be able to log in at all.

Checking Your Quota

To check your quota, do the following

  1. Open a terminal window. (If you are doing this remotely, then connect to your network account using SSH.)
  2. Issue the command quota. This will tell you:
    • The filesystem you are using;
    • The number of 1 KB blocks you are using;
    • The quota of how many 1 KB blocks you are allowed to use;
    • The absolute limit (you can temporarily exceed your quota in some cases, but you can never exceed this limit);
    • The number of files you are using.
  3. If your account runs out of space, you might even be unable to log in graphically. (But you should still be able to connect remotely via SSH, allowing you to delete some files.)
  4. Precious space might be wasted by your browser's cache. Inside your browser's Preferences, try reducing the cache size.
  5. The command du -s * might help you determine where your big files are, but it won't show hidden files. You can use shopt -s dotglob; du -s * to include hidden files.
  6. If you are involved in a Math Department activity that requires you to have more space, then please contact the computer staff to request a quota increase.

If you are inquiring about your e-mail quota, you can check your quota on squirrelmail.